Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
25-29 November 2020

Ed van der Elsken, courtesy of Annet Gelink Gallery and Nederlands Fotomuseum

Last November Amsterdam’s finest Art Galleries opened their doors together as part of Amsterdam Art’s first Gallery Weekend. In concert they created what was a vast series of exhibitions, talks, tours and film screenings throughout the city of Amsterdam. We give special thanks to all those who participated and following their collective success in bringing the most vibrant contemporary art scene to life, we can’t wait for the next Amsterdam Art Weekend in April. It has to be said that despite tremendous challenges, our city’s Art ecosystem continues to prevail. Through a truly innovative and inspired combination of both online and in-person events, we created a corona-proof weekend that brought amazing art and phenomenal artists to the people.

We send out enormous thanks to all those who participated, everyone who came to witness the weekend unfold as wonderfully as it did. Together, we overcame a huge amount of challenge. In spite of all this, 26 galleries, many other contemporary art venues and hundreds of visitors came together to celebrate fantastic art and artists within Amsterdam, bringing it to life and injecting it with all the passion and fascination it deserves.

Amsterdam Art and the Stedelijk Museum collaborated on behalf of all those stuck at home due to the pandemic restrictions. Together, we created full online coverage of the Weekend. You can still catch up on what you missed, or revisit what you loved on youtube. We left no stone unturned, going behind the scenes to talk with exhibition curators, artists and content creators. We stopped by participating galleries and institutions for interviews with all those helping make Amsterdams unique art ecosystem a reality. We caught everything from performance, art films and fascinating talks that you might otherwise have missed.

It gives us tremendous hope that so many people came to enjoy the weekend, what comes next? The Amsterdam Art Weekend! This coming spring 15 - 18 April, Amsterdam's Art World blooms once more and we can't be more excited.